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About Triad PC Clinic

Triad PC Clinic Inc. is a privately owned C Corporation operating out of Greensboro, NC. A growing multi-faceted company, we specialize in Information Systems Management, VOIP and VOIP Monitoring Management, and Cloud Computing Services. With over 14 years in experience working with medium to small sized companies and government organizations, Triad PC Clinic offers.

Total IT Solutions Including:

  • Information Network Computer Support
  • PC Repair and Server Support
  • VOIP Services – Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Web Design
  • Cloud Computing Technology

Triad PC Clinic Inc. offers flexible based support solutions to small businesses in order that they can achieve the same level of technical efficiency as the bigger companies they compete against, without the costly overhead of a large money draining IT department. Call and ask how we can help your business meet today’s complex information technology demands.

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Meet Our Talented Staff

Shantelle Allwood

Shantelle Allwood

Administrative Assistant

Shantelle Allowed is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University in pursuit of my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. She is excited to be working as an office assistant for TPCC and is looking forward to learning more about the functions of IT in a professional setting. When she is not working with the wonderful people at TPCC, she loves to explore new coding languages and their various real-world applications.

April Watkins

Tech Support Officer

April Watkins is an IT Tech with TPCC. She graduated from ECPI with a degree in IT Networking and Security Management. She has over 6 years of IT support experience and is passionate about helping anyone she comes in contact with. When she’s not in front of a computer she is outside grilling and enjoying the fresh air.
Where will I see the free payroll?
When you have submitted your referrals and that the 4th referral has met the 90 day retention period, the succeeding month, you will receive free month support.
Can I earn free one month support every year?
Yes, as long as you are actively a client of Triad PC Clinic, Inc. and refer 4 clients to us based on a new 12 month period, you are eligible to earn free month support.
If I post on social media, how do I make sure I get credit for that referral that signs with Triad PC Clinic?
When you post using the social media, the interested businesses in your network need to mention your business when they enter their information if they wish to be contacted.

Our Services

With a wide range of services we can support you with all your IT management needs

Phone System Solutions

Help direct customer traffic and contact more leads

Data Backup

Keep all your sensitive data safe under any circumstances

Other Services

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We provide our customers with the next generation of productivity gains and customer experience innovation through our deep knowledge of the changing global consumer and technology.

We create value by making our customers competitive, innovative and agile.

Triad PC Clinic designs and implements innovative strategies and solutions that drive continuous growth and sustainable performance excellence of its clients through increased sales, higher productivity, reduced operational costs, and optimized business processes

By being a valued client of Triad PC Clinic, Inc., you can earn One Month Free IT Support by referring 4 potential clients to us, providing all referrals meet a 90 day retention period.